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Apr 19 / yavor

Goodbye – Lyrics

I’ve walked the Isles
Walked those miles
Drove all day through wind and cold
Hoping to get to you read more…

Apr 19 / yavor

Exit 401 – Lyrics

Who said relationships can’t have happy endings?

Now she’s gone
Couldn’t leave fast enough
In the end, I broke away
As a smile ran across my face read more…

Apr 19 / yavor

Out Of Bounds – Lyrics

I feel it, I feel it
Feel it all the time
Shadows creeping closer
Coming from behind
read more…

Apr 19 / yavor

In My Father’s Dreams – Lyrics

A song about dealing with my father’s death many years later.

In my father’s dreams
There lay a world
Could have been more
real to me
read more…

Apr 19 / yavor

Travellin’ Round My Mind – Lyrics

Thought I knew how my life would run
Learning how to cope with all that I have
Where have I been, all these years?
I wasn’t able to face my fears read more…

Apr 19 / yavor

Going Against The Flow – Lyrics

I was living in a small town called Nolalu and overheard two guys talking humorously about their car being rolled over by the side of the road and the germ of the song was born.

Mary’s got a heartache
Joe feels so alone
The day keeps on rolling
In this town I call home read more…