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Apr 19 / yavor

Highway Cruise – Lyrics

Thinking about hot summer days and the memories along the way while cruising Highway 7.

The sun, golden sun
Shines down on me today
As I’m coastin’ on, this old highway

Leaves are a blazin’
Sparkles in my sight
The wind swirls around
As the trees are alight

Stayin’ on my side
Of this endless yellow line
Snapshot visions
Slow down the time

Small towns appear
From an era thought gone by
The rat is not racing
Beyond these two lanes wide

Endless open skies
Cotton candy clouds
Reveals strange creatures
If you don’t look too hard


Blueberry pit stops
Dot the way
Tempt the passersby
With their pies on display

Picture postcard lakes
Dancing white flashes
A festival of light
As the water moves and splashes


Time moves on
Along the yellow line
The future’s up ahead
[The past falls behind] 3x

Yavor Kresic: lead vocals, acoustic

Brad Campbell: backup vocals

Don Wallace: electric guitar

Eric Hasnick: keyboards

Philip Shaw Bova: drums

Philip Victor Bova: bass


©1996 Yavor Kresic