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Apr 19 / yavor

Goodbye – Lyrics

I’ve walked the Isles
Walked those miles
Drove all day through wind and cold
Hoping to get to you

Back and forth so many times
Confusion running through my mind
When will I see you again?

Oo, oo, babe
Ah, ah, ah

Reaching for that dream
No more in-betweens
That’s the way life should be

But I have to face the truth
You and I weren’t meant to be
I wonder why you don’t love me

Since I’ve been loving you
I’ve thought of us as two
Praying for a bright light
To see me through

Is it destiny, or fate?
Can’t always contemplate
Who knows, hang on for the ride

Oo, oo, babe
Ah, ah, Goodbye
Oo, oo, babe
Ah, ah, Goodbye

Yavor Kresic: lead vocals, acoustic (nylon and steel)

Brad Campbell: backup vocals

Eric Hasnick: keyboards

©1997 Yavor Kresic