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Apr 19 / yavor

Exit 401 – Lyrics

Who said relationships can’t have happy endings?

Now she’s gone
Couldn’t leave fast enough
In the end, I broke away
As a smile ran across my face

We had some fun, that’s for sure
I’m tasting freedom, I’m moving on
All that’s left is the pay I’m owed
And these 4 wheels, rolling down the road

This highway leads me on and on
Another exit come and gone
I’m feeling more and more alive
As I move on down the line

Got a fix of caffeine in my veins
Then it’s back on the road again
Cars and trucks are few and far between
Next exit Napanee


Click-clack wipers move the rain
Trucks rumble past again
Street lights stream across the road
Fade to darkness, I’m all alone


The rain is gone, the skies are clear
I wish her well, but I’m keeping on
Can’t look back, as I head on down the 401
As I head on down the 401
As I head on down the 401

Yavor Kresic: lead vocals, acoustic rhythm
and electric guitar solo

Don Wallace: electric guitar

Michael Ball: fiddle

Philip Shaw Bova: drums

Philip Victor Bova: bass

©1997 Yavor Kresic