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Apr 19 / yavor

In My Father’s Dreams – Lyrics

A song about dealing with my father’s death many years later.

In my father’s dreams
There lay a world
Could have been more
real to me

In my father’s dreams
There lay a world
Of a little boy
Who couldn’t find his way

The light was his darkness
In the madness of the moment
He tried to hang on
‘til his workday was done


Words are sometimes said
Out of lack of understanding
Finally letting go
of the memory and the pain

He said “One day son, you’ll
begin to understand”
The truth behind his words
I knew right there and then


I didn’t know what to say
Didn’t know what to do
Lost and confused
Struggles of my youth

Many years have gone by
I feel more self-assured
Now I’m more aware
and my dreams can unfurl

Chorus 2x

In my father’s dreams 3x

Yavor Kresic: lead/backup vocals, acoustic

Don Wallace: nylon string guitar

Philip Shaw Bova: drums

Philip Victor Bova: upright bass

©2000 Yavor Kresic