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Apr 19 / yavor

Travellin’ Round My Mind – Lyrics

Thought I knew how my life would run
Learning how to cope with all that I have
Where have I been, all these years?
I wasn’t able to face my fears

And I’m travellin’ ‘round, in my mind
Keeps me sane, most of the time
Everything’s changed
But I’ve seen it all before
Travellin’ ‘round, in my mind

Trying to figure out what life’s about
Into the mystery, all kind of doubts
Nothing’s for sure, gotta take a chance
Facing my fears and doing that dance


All kinds of forces
Trying to pull me away
From what I want to be
What I want to say
I know the truth will set me free
I’ve got to believe in that part of me

Chorus 2x

Yavor Kresic: lead vocals, acoustic guitar

Kara Askwith: backup vocals

Eric Hasnick: keyboards

Philip Shaw Bova: drums and percussion

Philip Victor Bova: bass

©1996 Yavor Kresic