Iam presently finishing up my 2nd Album titled "Coming Home". Should be out sometime in May 2018. Stay tuned! It was recorded with a live band and is in the Classic Rock genre. Tom Petty, Dire Straits and Tragically Hip are some of the influences that crept in on these songs. Meanwhile, feel free to checkout some tunes from my debut CD "Going Against the Flow". Two of the highlights on the CD are “Fire Symphony” and the toe tapping “Going Against The Flow”.


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    I update my Facebook page regularly to keep you informed of new releases. The reward of writing songs, for me, is about making a connection through my songs between myself and the audience.

    Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

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    Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me Yavor might wanna say something here.
    Run Like Hell Live at the Original Burger Joint in Ottawa. Oct 17th, 2015
    Rock 'n' Roll Girl More stuff here!
    Touched By An Angel More stuff here!
    Juke Joint Jive ©2012 Music by Yavor Kresic Lyrics by Mary-Thayer Zadra & Yavor Kresic

    Reach Out On YouTube

    I have played and sung in local rock bands and folk trios before becoming a solo performer.... and now back to playing with a Band for my 2nd Album "Coming Home" due out in May 2018. I have a few originals and some covers on YouTube and welcome you to check them out.